District Meetings

District One
Time and place

District Two
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District Three
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District Five
Time and place
"Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success."
-Henry Ford
National Convention Dates

2021 August 17-20, Orlando, FL     
2022 August 16-19, Washington DC
Due to the on-going Corona-Virus outbreak, all state and
district level
meetings have been canceled until further notice.  
Each district will keep you up to date and informed on
upcoming meetings or check back here for updates on time
and place.
Upcoming holidays

Columbus Day                   October 12th
Veteran Day                     November 11th
Thanksgiving Day            November 26th

Christmas Day                  December 25th
Western states' conference coming
to Idaho in 2022!
April 21-23
downtown Boise, Idaho
Idaho State Convention
Kelloge, Idaho
June 13th-16th