Jeff Marler
260 Cedar AVE
Kuna, ID 83634-2260
(208)731-2730 C
Auxiliary secretary

Jo Aguirre
10875 Hollandale
Boise ID 83709
(208) 376-1554 H
(208) 995-7771 C
Welcome to the IDRLCA
Auxiliary page
Auxiliary vice-president

Kari Anderson
2160 Holsten St
Heyburn, ID 83336
The stated purpose (as listed in our constitution) of the Auxiliary
of the Idaho Rural Letter Carriers’ Association is:

The Purpose of this Auxiliary shall be to unite fraternally its members, to
help create a greater interest in rural mail service and association work and
to cooperate with the Idaho and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association
to seek beneficial legislation.

In other words, the NRLCA Auxiliary carries out many duties and responsibilities to help
the members of the rural mail service. Some of the duties include contacting the state
legislators regarding any issues affecting the rural carriers. The auxiliary is also in
charge of the Junior Program, which includes family members under the age of 18
related to or associated with rural carriers and members of the association. The
auxiliary will be responsible for those assigned to the Junior Program and provide
activities related or non-related during the duration of the state convention. In addition,
the auxiliary has the opportunity to provide college scholarship funds to Junior members
that qualify. The auxiliary’s duty is also to work on the Auxiliary constitution and
represent our state auxiliary at the National Convention.
Auxiliary Jr board members
Tyler Gerrard
District #1
Vice President
Bryson Warr
District #2
Sargent at arms
Wynter Warr
District #2
Bryson, a 15 year old high school student, is the son of Amber Warr-Miller of district two.  
Bryson is going on his 2nd year as Vice-President for the Auxiliary Jr program and enjoys
going to state conventions to show the younger kids what a positive role-model he is!  
Bryson enjoys sports, especially baseball and Frisbee golf.
Wynter is the daughter of Amber Warr-Miller and younger sister to vice-president Bryson Warr.
Like Amber and Bryson, she too belongs in district two.  Wynter is on her 2nd year as Sargent at
Arms and hopes to continue in the auxiliary program.  At 11 years old Wynter is an active young
girl that loves baseball and getting more into horses.
Edythe Gerrard
District #1
2020 Auxiliary Scholarship
"What Americanism Means to Me"
First place scholarship winner of
$750, Charilyn Tucker, Daughter
of Ivan Smith
Second place scholarship winner
of $500, Payton Weimer, Daughter
of Chad Anderson
Third place scholarship winner of
$250, Zayne Maughn, grandson of
Paul Henscheid
Edythe is a very busy and outgoing sophomore at Centennial High School in our
great state capital of Boise.  Edythe is the granddaughter of the union's retires
representative, Jo Aguirre.  This very energetic young woman is involved with many
clubs and extra curriculum activities including FFA, ISHSA horse club, and the
Centennial High ski club.
Tyler is also the granddaughter to Jo Aguirre in district one.  Tyler is a junior at
Centennial High School in Boise and is the older sister to Edythe Gerrard.  Playing
music and singing is a love this young lady takes pride in.  An interesting instrument
Tyler plays is the ukulele.  Outside of playing music she like to experiment different
make-up techniques.   
2021 scholarship now available!  
Awards have increased this year
along with the age limit.  
Applications must be submitted by
March 1, 2021.  For more rules,
information, and the application
form please click the link provided.

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

Age eligibility for 2021 application
will be increased to 26.